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You Don't Go To Southern California For The Garden Shows

Should I wear this outfit to the garden show?  

Or is this more my style?
 Nah, just the usual shorts, tee shirt, and dirt-encrusted shoes.  I arrived at our local garden show early and took photos of all the demonstration gardens--uhh--I mean sitting areas.  Ironic, isn't it, that gardeners love sitting areas in their gardens, and never sit down in them?  
Sit with your vegetables sometime. 
This one is mostly furniture, but the horizontal slats offset to make an interesting pattern is kind of cool. 
Every demonstration sitting area except one had some sort of open structure pergola type of thing.  This demonstration sitting area had more plants than the other sitting areas, I'll give it that. 
This one had some good trendy style to it.  Sleek.  A burgundy-flowered grass mixed with burgundy Cordyline was a fine combination. 

This one was the only one without a pergola type thing.  (The pergola in the background was a different demonstration sitting area.)  This one had an aviary…

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