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Spring/Summer Project 2017 Update #2

Though its beauty level is still low, I'm happy the back gully area has rejoined the garden.  It's been abandoned for several years due to two things:  our five year drought, and the neighbor's pestiferous trees that hung over the area. 

The drought required rethinking plants to minimize irrigation requirements, and those pestiferous trees shaded out many plants and dropped damaging fronds, litter, and tree limbs.  Now, most of the problem trees are gone.  It's great to be able to enjoy the area again, and to replant on a theme of minimal watering and maximum native bird and butterfly habitat. 

A Salvia 'Amistad' sucker will soon provide flowers for the hummers:
The old pergola is gone.
Lizards hid in the pieces before I got the pieces into the trash. 
An inexpensive (plus on-sale) patio umbrella provided a little shade while we waited for the new pergola.  A place to sit and consider the area and think through how best to proceed. 

 The Eremophila 'Red Splen…

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